Congratulations to Denise, Lee and Josie for a safe return home!

Josie disappeared on March 24. DFD was called to go out and help on the 27th of March. After two times out tracking, and seeing that Josie was staying near the house, finally, with the hard work of Denise and Lee, Josie was caught in the morning on April 5.

Josie is a little character!  She played coy with everyone by laying out in the sun on the neighbors porch, eating food and more. Finally, yesterday Josie was seen scampering into an opening underneath a concrete set of stairs. We blocked the opening with towels and fitted a trap into it as well. Josie had no other choice but to go into the trap for the food. Success!! She is now on the way to vet for a checkup and will be back home to rest up. Denise and Lee need the rest too! They did everything right, and were up day and night trying to outsmart this one. Huge Congrats!!!!