Julie is a greyhound that we rescued. She used to race and is very fast. She got out of the yard when the air conditioning company came one day. She ran thru the yards and wound up being spotted in a span of woods at a school. We searched the woods high and low and could not find her. The rescue told us to call Dogs Finding Dogs. They brought out two teams to search the woods and they found Julie the first time out. They lent us traps to put out but Julie would not go in them. We put feeding stations and blankets out for her and she would eat the food and sleep on the blankets. We saw her footprints. DFD came out a second time to make sure that she was there and she was. She was caught walking a path that lead to a golf course on the other side of the woods. We were just about to give up! My youngest daughter is so happy to have Julie back. They became quick buddies.

– Kate in Laurel, MD