Kalani is a small Lab mix that moved to her new home in Reisterstown. After a day of being there and sensing her new found freedom in the countryside, she decided to run out of her yard. Kalani was tracked four times by Dogs Finding Dogs. She first did not go very far. Just across the street into a wooded neighborhood. Next she was spotted at a nearby abandoned farm. Finally she made it to a very upscale horse racing farm where she was tracked and found staying in the woods and associated barns. Kalani’s owners had her within 8 feet of them and she ran away from them. Now she has to be trapped. Kalani’s total vacation that she took was three weeks and in the 20 inches of snow as well. A young farmer caught Kailani around 7:30 and she is now at home and safe. I wanted to thank you for all of your help and encouragement. Thank you for everything, words can not express!