Kasey is our rescue Sheltie. We got Kasey home and when the car door opened he bolted out and went on a three week adventure. He roamed around a four mile area through Pennsylvania farms, circling and frequenting certain yards and cornfields. We were recommended to Dogs Finding Dogs after posting onto a blog of the Baltimore Sun. On a Saturday morning they came up from Maryland with their Shepherd Heidi accompanied by their tracker Erica and her dog Ghotti. A group of kind neighbors agreed to join the successful search for Kasey. Starting early in the morning, and searching through all of the site locations with the dogs and the other volunteers in cars, one of the scent paths from of a previous days siting led to a farm. Lo and behold, there was Kasey, trotting straight for Anne and Heidi! Kasey was rescued from a abused situation and yet he wanted to come to the dog, but when he spotted the humans, he turned away. Erica quickly jumped into her SUV and drove out onto the cornfield helping to circle the dog and tire him out. With all the people and dogs involved and Erica’s driving help, Kasey was worn out and was simply picked up! After three weeks of being out by himself, Kasey was a little dirty and that was it! Amazing! He is safe at home and getting to know all of us.  He will be spoiled for the rest of his life!  Thank you to Dogs Finding Dogs and the many volunteers who came out to help!