Killian was a young but scared Chihuahua. He ran off one evening on our waterfront property in Annapolis. Dogs Finding Dogs came out to search for Killian three times. On the last time, Heidi tracked a very strong almost violent track, but she CRIED the whole time. Weird and we knew something was not right! She followed a path that lead down a huge staircase to the pier. Still crying, Heidi frantically ran up and down the pier! We were looking at the cliff side, but no Killian. Then Heidi went to jump off of the pier into the water. Anne stopped her just in time and thought that she just wanted to go for a swim. Then we looked at the water where Heidi wanted to jump and poor little Killian came floating out from under the pier! We cried along with Heidi, scooped blessed little Killian up out of the water and brought him back home. He still was wearing his little sweater. He had fallen down the stairs and had been in the water for some time. It was icy and when the ice melted this is when his body was finally able to be found. This is not a happy ending but at least one of closure thanks to Heidi and her incredible nose.