A local rescue for cats had a big problem. A abandoned farm, whose owner passed away, left a trust for all of her animals. The trust fell into the wrong hands and the animals suffered. Horses were rescued, but the cats were left behind. We went and trapped 18 of the adults and had them fixed. We then realized that 10 of them were moms. So WHERE ARE the KITTENS? We looked high and dry and needed help.

Having used Dogs Finding Dogs to rescue some of our fosters from a house fire, K9 Heidi came to the rescue. She first found a litter of six, two-week old babies under a broken down rabbit hutch. We quickly scooped them up and bottle fed them right there on the spot. Then she found more under a shed. Then in debris. Then 2 more in the neighbors broken down cars. All in 1 day!!!!! Without the nose of the dog these babies surely would have died! The kittens are now being bottle fed and some have been adopted.

Heidi was in her ABSOLUTE GLORY! So many babies hidden everywhere! And she was as gentle with the babies as the mama cats would have been. K9 Heidi would follow us back to the car with the kittens and would not leave to search for more until she got to sniff the babies and see that they were all OK. Then it was off baby hunting again.

Annapolis, MD