I must share with you my experience with Dogs Finding Dogs.

My cat was missing, had never been outside before and was 9 months young. A horrible storm came through just as he got out.

The following day I called your team and spoke to Anne who assured me Kitty wasn’t far and put me at ease. Anne then gave me TONS of information on how I could get Kitty to come home. One of the things she suggested was to put trails of used kitty litter from the cat box outside so he could find his way back home. I saw where my cat ran, so I made a trail through the woods and along the side my neighbors house across the street. Funny thing is I stopped the trail at my neighbors front yard.

Anne also informed me that Kitty most likely wouldn’t come out of hiding until later in the evening when things were quiet. I walked outside at 10:30 PM with a flashlight to start calling him again. Wouldn’t you know it….he was laying (crouched down and scared) in my neighbors front lawn right at the end of the litter trail. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!!! I should’ve run it to my front door. AMAZING!!! I was offered SO many hints and tips and did several (my husband was scratching his head as I was doing my “come back home, Kitty ritual” slinging cat food all over the yard and making these litter trails).

I can’t thank you enough, Anne, for taking an extensive amount of time to feed me your knowledge. I will recommend you to anyone that is missing their furry family member.