Thank you so much for finding our Kitty. Kitty is a house cat and got out the front door around 11:00 PM. She panicked and fled into the woods behind our house. We looked every day for her, put food out, put fliers out, and tried everything we could think of, but no Kitty. After five days we received a call from a neighbor down the road and said her name was Anne. She said she finds missing dogs and cats with her search dogs. Then for two days, Ann would look for Kitty with us and also on her own. Ann and her dog Heidi where amazing! The first day, Heidi picked up Kitty’s scent and tracked her through the woods and behind the townhouses. That night, Ann called us to say they found Kitty under a townhouse deck!  We could not get her out, as she was far under the deck and we could not reach her. The next day Ann took her search dog out again and found Kitty, six townhouses down from our house. This time my son, who is skinny, went under the deck and pulled Kitty out. Kitty was a little dirty but she was alright. Again thank you and Heidi very much for finding Kitty!