Finding a dog in five minutes after being missing for two months is a miracle! Lady was fostered out and was lost in a bad section of District Heights. I had to find Lady and get her back to her foster parents. The area was rough and going there was very scary but after spending a hour with Dogs Finding Dogs and meeting the neighbors I found that everyone was so very, very nice and willing to help Lady. Over the 2 months there were possible sightings of Lady but never confirmed. I did not know how to find her. Dogs Finding Dogs brought Heidi out and we went to one sighting area and looked for Lady. Then we went to a street where she was said to have been seen. After they looked at the houses and seeing which one looked quiet enough for Lady to have called her home, they scented the dog up in the front yard. BINGO!!! The dog immediately hit the scent trail and Anne said that this scent just happened! I couldn’t believe it. Heidi tracked around to the back yard and there was Lady! After two months and weathering 20 inches of snow, Lady was sunning herself in a pile of leaves near a tree. When I was told to quick come here, the dog was found, I didn’t think they meant Lady was really found! It happened so fast! Don’t ever give up! 2 months and miracles can happen especially thanks to Heidi and Dogs Finding Dogs!