Congratulations to Karynne and Lucy for a safe, but peculiar, return home.

Special thanks for K9 Jake and his attempt to help.

Lucy went missing from her home in Middle River while outside briefly to do her business.  She is a 12 year old Yorkie. There were no sightings.

K9 Jake and Tim went out to look and found only a small scent trail off of the house. We were starting to think this is a possible stolen/pick up case.

Lucy was found 11 miles ride from their house at a Marc Train Station. When you look it up on a map it’s unfathomable that this little dog could’ve traveled that far! Lucy was covered in briars and burrs. It is a mystery how she wound up where she did without being snagged by someone along the way. If she could only talk we would know for sure…..either way she’s one lucky little dog!