My name is Angela and I was scheduled to be induced to have my first baby girl on Wednesday, November 3rd. The process was going to take time, so my fiance Chris arranged to have a neighbor check on our four dogs. Unfortunately, he didn’t close the front door completely. And that is all it took. Our Lucy escaped out the door. Chris searched that evening with the help of friends and family. But, Lucy was not found. I finally gave birth to our happy, healthy baby girl, Charlie the next morning. A friend suggested that I contact Dogs Finding Dogs. Chris contacted Anne at Dogs Finding Dogs the next day. Anne provided us with lots of great advice. She also gave us the contact information of a tracker dog and his owner in the local area. Kim, her daughters, and Walker were on the case. Walker was used to track Lucy’s travels thru the local area. The ladies helped Chris set up feed stations and set a trap to capture Lucy. They also helped canvas the local area with flyers and word of mouth. Walker definitely picked up Lucy’s scent but she proved very difficult to catch. Days and days past without any sightings. But, no one was giving up. We finally started to get sightings about one week after Lucy was lost. Kim and her daughters helped Chris follow up on each and every lead. Needless to say, eleven days later, we finally found Lucy. She was attempting to get in one of the traps that Kim had help us set. I cannot thank Dogs Finding Dogs, Kim, her daughters and Walker enough. Our family is complete again. We are sooo happy to have our Lucy back. Thanks again to Dogs Finding Dogs. We could have never found Lucy without them.

– Angela, Chris, and Charlie in MD