Mabel is an incredible K9 asset to your team. She did in under three minutes what I couldn’t do in three days! It gave me such peace of mind to know where Murphy was. Murphy had slipped out of the house on a Friday and ran from me when I tried to get her back. Lynn really did fly out of her house on Sunday morning, and on a holiday no less! It was Easter! I worried that Murphy might be frightened by a dog, but Mabel didn’t make a sound when she found her tucked way under a very unstable broken down shed. Lynn was so great, too. She helped us secure the hiding spot and set up the trap, and was very reassuring when she called to check in. After waiting and watching for one more day, “We have success!”  I could hardly believe it when I saw white fur sticking out of the cage! Murphy got into the trap sometime between 8-11PM last night, and was happily waiting for me when I did the before-bed check. She is filthy, and a little thin, but otherwise perfectly sound. I expected her to run and hide in the house, but she rubbed our legs and purred happily, and snuggled her grimy self into bed with us. I am definitely keeping DFD’s numbers in my cell phone in case this ever happens again!