Anne and Dogs Finding Dogs helped find my dog Maggie not once, but TWICE!!!

And Maggie didn’t make it easy for us, either! She is an ultra runner and is notorious for ‘going to ground’ and practically dropping off the face of the earth when she doesn’t want to be seen. Most recently, Maggie escaped my yard with my other dog, Morgan to play with our neighbor’s poodle. When the neighbor came outside and tried to herd the dogs into the house, Maggie became frightened (in her typical fashion) and ran faster than the speed of light into a nearby wooded area.

Morgan and I went to the wooded area to draw her out, but we were unsuccessful. When I called Dogs Finding Dogs, Anne remembered us from last time. Once again, her insights and expertise were integral in getting Maggie back. Anne was super attentive and very consistent in her follow up for the entire month it took to catch Maggie in a humane trap near the woods. Today Maggie is home safe and sound, no worse for the wear and that would not have been possible without Dogs Finding Dogs.  🙂

Terel, Morgan, and Maggie
Baltimore, MD