I contacted Dogs Finding Dogs when my dog Marley was taken out of my back yard on Thursday November 5. On Friday the 6th I went to BARCS animal shelter in the hopes that he was there but I hit a dead end. I was given the number to Dogs Finding Dogs from one of the volunteers from the shelter. I came home and immediately contacted Ann. Saturday November , Anne and her dog Heidi came out to see if they could track him. I will have to admit that at first I was a little skeptical but I kept my hopes high. They were able to track him around my neighborhood. What really made me a believer is when she tracked him to my fiance’s grandmothers house. I was dumbfounded. We posted ads on Craigslist in the lost and found pets section. On Sunday, November 8, there was a posting made that said someone took this dog that looked a lot like mine to Anne Arundel County Animal Control. I immediately called Anne to tell her the news. She went above and beyond what I called her for by taking me down to the shelter on the 9th to see if this was my dog. When we walked through we didn’t see him at first. After the second walk through we did see him and Anne helped us bring him home. We will forever owe Anne and Heidi a debt. They were able to bring our family back together. I am the first to think that when a animal is stolen they will never be found or returned. Dogs Finding Dogs changed my mind. If you have a animal that has gotten out or that has been stolen, call Dogs Finding Dogs right away. They are the best at what they do. It is very hard to find people nowadays that really have a heart but I have the privilege to say that the trackers at Dogs Finding Dogs actually do. Anne, Heidi, and the rest of the staff of Dogs Finding Dogs: I thank you because I was able to see my fiance and our dog Marley happy together for the first time since he was taken from us.