I adopted Mary from the SPCA and within the first two weeks of having her she managed to run away twice. The second time the SPCA referred me to Dogs Finding Dogs to help get Mary back. I was told by them how to bait the area up and get footprints. The next morning, WOW!,  a MILLION footprints everywhere and all over my driveway! Heidi and Anne came out and just laughed at all the prints everywhere!!! Heidi tracked Mary and we found her in the woods and the chase was on. Mary was so fast we couldn’t catch her so we stopped and loaded the area with scent trails leading back to traps. Dogs Finding Dogs even brought out a big 5′ x 5′ open trap to catch her. We had to go on vacation so Dogs Finding Dogs kept after Mary coming over and also tracking Mary to make sure she was still there. Friends were supposed to help but didn’t. Mary moved her location so when we got back Anne came out again and we found Mary in a different spot. Again we laid down the scent trails back to the traps and we caught Mary that night!! My kids are now best friends with Heidi. We live on the water and Heidi comes over to swim with my children. So nice to have Mary back home!! DFD did a great job for us! Thank you!