Congratulations to Kristin and Mathilde for a safe return home!

Special thanks to Jill for her time, patience and expertise in helping with Dogs Finding Dogs National Hotline, the Found by Phone consult program.

From Kristin:

You all offered the best advice I was given.

First, when Mathilde was lost, I fumbled by myself for a day and then a girlfriend read about you. I was a bit skeptical (after all, Mathilde is a cat, not a dog), but I read the testimonials. I was also skeptical that I would hear back over a weekend (read Sunday morning) and that it would be helpful or affordable.

To my surprise and great pleasure, you all were tremendously responsive and a great source of information. I did all that you suggested – Find Toto, chum trails of tuna and rotisserie chicken, scent strips, and then reached out to neighbors, flyers, etc. It literally took me most of the day on Sunday to do it all! But it was worth a shot. You all followed up in the evening as promised and scheduled me for a dog the next day. I was starting to trust in the process and from your professional demeanor was at least feeling like I was doing all that I could do. I had a false sighting by a neighbor who heard the Find Toto calls (so those work).

Then, she was out on the porch meowing for breakfast this morning, sort of curled up for warmth in a big homemade knit blanket I had put out for her and to release my scent. She is now sleeping off her three nights in the wilderness of the Hereford Zone in her accustomed place on our bed.

Thank you all for your ideas, professionalism, willingness and zeal about helping others (both people and CATS!!). I will recommend you!