Max is a beautiful, fun-loving, energetic Maine Coon cat! He is normally indoors and managed to get out and then disappeared. We tried everything to find him and finally had Dogs Finding Dogs bring Heidi out along with her handler Anne. Anne, Heidi and Janel, another member of Dogs Finding Dogs, came out to look for Max. His scent was all over the front yards and in the back as well. Some of his food that we left out was eaten. We knew Max was close. The trio followed Max’s scent through the woods and then Max zipped out from under a large brush! The chase was on! Max ran thru the woods with tracking dog Heidi on his tail! We, Anne and Janel followed. Janel looked up for a brief moment where Heidi last saw Max, and there he was!  He was clinging all claws into the side of a tree!  It took Janel some effort to detach Max from the tree but she succeeded. Max got a massage, some food and water and he is home: happy, safe and sound. All the neighbors watched and applauded the safe return of Max.