Congratulations to Becky and Maxie for a safe return home.

Maxie was entered into our Found by Phone National Hotline Consult Program, and recovered with our guidance.

From Becky:

Hi! I spoke with Sherry earlier this week about our dog Maxie missing Saturday, January 21 (in the Charlottesville, Virginia area) and wanted to report that she was found yesterday in a neighborhood 4-5 miles away from our home! A fellow dog lover saw her walking down the street and stopped, opening his door through which she jumped right into the car. For a 13 year old dog, she is in great shape although hungry and smelling like skunk. The information passed along by Sherry was so incredibly helpful regarding where to look, how dogs travel, etc. And the work your organization does is amazing, I just wish we had one closer to us.

Thanks again for all your guidance!!!

Becky (and Maxie)