Mia is a 1 1/2 year old Shihtzu who was accidentally let out by the electrician. Within 30 minutes we had so many people in the woods looking for her you would have thought a small child was missing. The following day was spent hanging flyers and posters and praying someone would find her and bring her home and not be selfish and keep our baby for themselves. Even with so many wonderful people helping with the search we still had no luck. The only good thing that happened on that day was my lovely wife found a website called “Dogs Finding Dogs”. I called the number being very skeptical and spoke to Anne. She spoke with me for quite sometime and gave me some pointers and told me to call in the morning to set up a time to come out. Saturday morning came and I called and Janel and Lee rushed over to our home on Kent Island and off in the woods we went. Lee picked Mia’s scent up right away. Throughout our journey in the woods Janel was very helpful in explaining what Lee was doing. Janel told me she was pretty sure Mia was in the woods and told me about setting up feed stations and some creative ways of leaving our scent in the area for Mia to follow home. We are so HAPPY to say that on Saturday evening Mia came home on her own after 3 days in the woods!!!! We truly believe that without the help of Janel and Lee that she would not have came home that day. For anyone looking for hope we highly recommend this service and cannot thank them enough!!!!!!