Mila is a two year old female kitty who is very smart! She walks beside you outside like a dog, following you all the way, and is very very friendly to everyone! Easter Monday Mila went outside like usual and when called to come back in she never returned!!! Frantic, web postings went up, flyers everywhere and the whole area was walked over and over again calling her name with no results! Ahhhhh! Anne with Dogs Finding Dogs saw our posting and gave us a call. She and Heidi came out on Wednesday in the pouring down rain to do a yard to yard search looking under sheds and decks to see if we could find Mila! The neighbor across the street saw Heidi with her Search Vest on and thought that she would come tell us a weird story! It seems that Tuesday her little daughter told her that she saw a white kitty in their house and it meowed! That night at midnight something knocked down the ceiling tiles in the basement and set off the motion detector but they had not seen any cat!!??!! I said the little girl must be imagining things and my cat would NEVER go into someones house! Well Anne asked if Heidi could go into the house and try to see if the cat was there. We went into the basement and Heidi smelled the cat all over it! Hmmmm! Maybe! Sure enough, Heidi was right! Mila was behind the furnace! What a relief! The little girl is getting a Spaghetti Dinner made just for her! Amazing but True!