When our dog Millie wandered off after a snowstorm, we thought we might not see her again. Millie is a white Spaniel-Bichon mix with a sweet disposition. At age 14 she is almost completely blind from cataracts, and increasingly hard of hearing. We launched an immediate all-out search that lasted several days. We combed the neighborhood and traversed acres of adjacent woodland, posted notices with her picture, alerted animal shelters, left detailed information with local veterinarians, and alerted neighbors and friends. After four long days she was still missing. We believed we’d let Millie down. Then while searching online, we found Dogs Finding Dogs.com, and through them the support and help that led to Millie’s rescue! Anne Wills offered encouragement and expert advice that boosted our spirits and expanded our search efforts. When even these new tactics failed, Anne dispatched Tamara and K9 Sheba to our door. Tamara was very professional and Sheba was “all business,” completely focused on the task at hand. Sheba tracked with absolute assurance through a barbed wire fence and a formidable bramble hedge, finally reaching a distant slope where Millie sat quietly in the snow and cold patiently awaiting rescue! Sheba found the white runaway in a snow-covered fallow field, far from the view of any house or outbuilding. Without Tamara’s and Sheba’s skill and help, Millie would have remained outdoors in blizzard conditions. We may well have lost her forever without Tamara’s and Sheba’s help. Thank you, Dogs Finding Dogs.com, Anne, Tamara, and Sheba for bringing our baby-dog back home!