My cat Miracle must have ran out the front door of my townhouse on a cold Wednesday evening in January. I did not notice him missing until the next morning. My housemate and I put out flyers and walked the neighborhood for the next 3 days to no avail. On the advice of the animal shelter I placed an ad on Craigslist. The next morning I got an email from Anne at Dogs Finding Dogs. I had thought the day before how awesome it would be if there were search dogs available to look for lost pets. Anne was the answer to my hope. I called her the next morning. She gave me good advice on looking for my pet myself if I decided against her services. I had her come over that afternoon and within an hour of our search, Heidi, the search dog, had found my cat. I had now wished I had known of them on day one. If either of my cats every go missing again, she will be the first call I make. Thank You!!