What started out as another praised filled day at Church, turned out to be a day of sorrow for my family. While hanging out with “Dad” in Aberdeen, Nike wandered off and never came back.  After several hours of looking for Nike we gave up. Over about three rainy days, we looked everywhere for Nike to no avail. Then, we received a call from Ashleigh and Kayla of Dogs Finding Dogs, who was offering to help us search for Nike. My hope and faith was restored by my new little four footed savior, WALKER! After an very intense few hours of putting up colored flyers (thanks to Kayla) and searching through the woods, a graveyard and a junk car lot, Walker was able to detect Nike’s scent and presence. Though we did not find Nike that day, it was only three days later that he turned up with a local family in the area that Walker had identified. We are forever grateful.

– The Turner Family in Aberdeen, MD