Meet “O,” an exotic hairless Sphinx feline who went missing from our beloved vets office one Sunday. O has a severe respiratory problem and he had to be found as soon as possible. Once again, Heidi went out to Dr. Barbara’s to help find a missing pet.  Last time, it was a prized show Whippet that hopped the fence.  This time, once again Heidi’s marvelous nose found his hiding spot! O was hiding in an old garage that was full of clutter and an old car. What a mess! Because O is pink, he blended right in! We humans couldn’t see him but the search dog knew just where he was! O finally came out of the garage filled with dirt, all of his nails broken off and bleeding and large greasy scratch marks on his side. He was also limping on his hind leg badly! He was definitely trapped under something and could not free himself! Oh what a beautiful day to celebrate Mr. O’s homecoming.  Hooray!!