Out off all the color combinations for kitties, the tortie is the hardest to spot!

Patches — well named! — went missing from my basement when the repair men left the door open. Living in a row home neighborhood with alleys and woods I had no idea where to go to look for her.

Heidi came out to sniff the ground and away she went. Straight down the fence line and into a wooded section of the back alley. There was a risk of chasing Patches into the woods. Instead, we laid out food and scent trails and put out a trap at the back door. After a whole week of being missing, these efforts led Patches straight back to the house that same night. What a relief!

Without the use of the dogs’ nose with the actions we took to show Patches how to come home, we may have never gotten her back.

Thank you to Heidi and Dogs Finding Dogs! I will refer you for sure!

Hamilton, MD