The little poodle is getting along great and she may even forgive me for tossing her out, someday. Meanwhile, I am not completely trusted even to take the dog out on a leash into the back yard at 11:00 p.m for that “final pee” before bedtime — you can imagine how much it pains me to be deprived of that chore, but my wife insists and I always desist when she insists. Thanks to Anne and your organization for providing a selfless service that perfectly blends competence and compassion; Miriam and I are certain Maggie would have led us to the door of the house where our dog was sheltered.  We didn’t fully realize that the lady and her young son actually had just found P.D. in their yard earlier Saturday morning.  It looks like you were right about her spending at least a night in that garage/shed Maggie sniffed at for the extended period. We want to thank you again, because although P.D. may yet live up to her “nom de plume.”  I think Maggie already is a “perfect dog” in a perfect team that finds wayward dogs and thus brings happiness to folks like us.

– Fred & Miriam in MD