Congratulations to William and Pippa for a safe return back home.

Special thanks to K9 Riley for his work on this case.

Pippa was being watched for the holidays by a pet sitter on the 70 acre family farm. He got loose and disappeared!  He was no where to be found.

On Monday, Dogs Finding Dogs tracking team went out to look for him and found that he was right there running the 70 acres of wood line.  We found evidence that he was finding his own food with the remains of recently killed birds. Along the wood line is tall marshes and swamps.  This made it hard to track because it was impossible to traverse without sinking up to your knees, but K0 Riley forged through it, though without success.  He stunk to the high heavens afterwards!

The owners, who were in Colorado, arrived home the next day, called Pippa’s name and out he came immediately running to them.  It was such a happy reunion!   I am sure Pippa needed a bath too!