Congratulations to Ted, Playa, and all of Playa’s family for a safe return home!

Special thanks to Jill and K9 Gretel for a REMARKABLE track!

Playa got lost by escaping from her harness at the vet’s office. She and her owner fled the floods in the Caribbean. Ted only had his t-shirts and Playa.  They left and came here to the US to start over. Playa was missing for two weeks before we went out, which makes this find remarkable!  In our books, this is equivalent to a walk up find!

On a side note, this was Jill’s first track using Gretel. Jill is not new to Dogs Finding Dogs but she is new to taking a search dog out to work. K9 Gretel and Jill tracked Playa’s scent from the vet’s office, across four lanes of highway traffic to a house in the closest neighborhood. K9 Gretel locked up like a statue and with her paw in the air, pointed with intense staring at a bush in front of a house. She then alerted with a sit.

Playa was not there, which was really strange considering the intensity of K9 Gretel’s indicator.

Well, the reason Playa wasn’t there is because just two hours prior, the kind lady who lived there took Playa from the bush and put her in her house. She kept Playa in a crate during the day while she was at work.

Ted drove by that house again and saw Playa in the window!!!! The reunion was wonderful. See below to see Ted and Jills words:

From Jill:

To know that Gretel and I located where that cat was, crossed 4 lanes of traffic to get over there, and we drove across (I didn’t want to risk Gretel walking across), and where Gretel pointed was the house she was in!  Omg love love Gretel! I’m soooooo happy! I want to hug Gretel!


From Ted:

We got her she was in the neighborhood that Gretel headed towards right off the bat on the opposite side of the plaza’s parking lot from the Vet. A lady saw her and Playa went over and rub around her legs she gave her some pets and went to work. She returned later and she came out from the bushes and started crying. So she fed her then about two nights ago she started letting her in the house to keep warm at night and put her in a dog crate while she went to work during the day. And let her out when she was home. When we pulled up this morning to see if it was really her she was sitting right in the ladies window. I was 99% sure it was her! We texted the lady and she let us in and Playa walked up to Jimmy and then came right up to me and started crying. I picked her up and she literally rested her head on my shoulder.

Thanks for all your support and constant follow up.