Many thanks to Anne and Heidi of Dogs Finding Dogs, we couldn’t have found Pollux without their help. Tracking his scent accomplished two very important things.  First, we understood that he would stay in a small area, and second, if Pollux was nearby, he could have smelled us and came near where we can locate him. Anne showed up with Heidi at 10:30 AM and we followed the scent from the house Pollux left from through the neighborhood and to a house where either he got picked up or hid in the house, there was an event in the backyard. I beeped my wife’s car alarm a few times and out came Pollux from someone’s backyard to check it out!  The rest is history.  Pollux was dirty and smelly, shaking a little bit but otherwise OK and very excited to see us; and chowed down four doggy treats!  The vet checked him out and said he’s in fine condition despite the ordeal and gave him a pedicure and a bath, he’s resting at home now.