Poopies loves to go outside and she comes in and out during the day if I am home, usually just upon a call. But this time, she did not return when I called, and as the night progressed, she did not come home at all. The next night she did not return, and I put some fliers into some of the neighbors’ mailboxes. On Friday night, I called Dogs Finding Dogs.com to see if they would come in to find a cat. The next day, help arrived with Janelle and Lee. 2 blocks away, her scent, perhaps a day old, was found. That made me feel much better. The next day, we set out a raccoon trap and threw around some stinky cat food. It was late afternoon when I heard some desperate meows. She had come home! She was skinny too! I am very relieved to have my little Poopies back, and thankful that Dogs Finding Dogs.com was able find her scent that lead me to believe that after a week outside, contrary to her normal behavior, she could be alive still. And then she came back home! Sigh of relief!

– Alanna in Rockville, MD