Our black cat Prince had been missing for 8 days. Anne contacted me and I was amazed by her email. This was the real deal. I called Anne and she gave me some helpful tips in trying to get him home quicker. The first night, nothing. So then Anne called back and we decided to have her and Heidi come out and help. Later that night we noticed the WHOLE bowl of cat food out on the porch was gone…interesting. So Anne and Heidi came over the next day and Heidi sniffed Prince’s hair from his cat tree. Heidi went to town and we were in and out of our neighbor’s backyards. We went back around the block and Heidi stopped when she got to a neighbor’s parking pad only 3 doors down from us. Anne shouted it was him and I couldn’t believe it! This WHOLE time Prince really was alive and sooo close!! I was AMAZED beyond belief; holy cow, it really was Prince. We got him from under the car and put him in a crate and put him back inside. In only 15-20 minutes it took Heidi to find him and it took me a whole 8 days to realize how close he really was!! Dogs Finding Dogs is truly an amazing organization and heaven sent. I’m forever grateful to them. Great job Heidi and Anne!!!

Dogs Finding Dogs sends a big Thank You out to Carol and family for their additional donation.