Thank you so much for bringing that search dog out here! I just had a new baby and life is hard as a young single mom. Now Puss Puss who has intestinal cancer got out and was gone for 2 weeks. I thought for sure he would be dead. He has to have special medicine for his illness. Dogs Finding Dogs came out and tracked with me to find Puss Puss. We tracked from my back door where he had gotten out 2 weeks earlier, crossed around my back yard and then went straight across the street to a yard that was huge and full of junk. The dog kept wanting into the yard just outside a old shed way in the back. We couldn’t get into the yard but when my neighbor got home I told him what had happened. Oh My Gosh! The dog was right! There was Puss Puss! He was severely dehydrated, had fleas and was in need of immediate vet care. The vet had to give him fluids, get his medicine into him and we are now watching him closely to make sure he bounces back. Without being able to find him he may have not been so lucky! That dog is truly amazing.

– Megan in Darlington, MD