Sampson, an 8 month old German Shepherd, mysteriously went missing on a Saturday night during the fireworks.

He is a therapy dog for his owner who has cerebal palsy. Having feared the worst that Sampson had been stolen out of their yard, Sampson’s owners called DFD for help. Christine and Keelah went over to their house to see what could have happened. Keelah was scented up at the gate and she pulled Christine into the back yard and to the basement door. Then as Keelah was sniffing Sampson gave out one short bark.

Hmmm…. could this be true? Sure was! Sampson had mistakenly gotten himself locked into the basement for 4 whole days and never made a peep! When he was let out of the basement he could care less that his owners were there. He was extremely interested in Ms. Keelah, the search dog who rescued him.