Congratulations to Alex and Ridley for a safe return home!!!

Special thanks to Tim and K9 Jake for their help!

Ridley is a little Jack Russell that got loose and ran all thru the streets of Baltimore down by the tunnel and the salt piles. By tracking and laying scent trails and feeding stations per Tim’s action plan and the hard work of Ridley’s owners, Ridley stayed in the area. He finally formed a little pattern going from the salt piles to the Target. He ate a Greenie last night! And today while at the Target he found some cat food.

A big thank you to all the workers in the salt pile area, the container storage area, and many other kind people who called in all the sightings.

We were just getting ready to lay the trap down when we got the text and picture saying they got him!  Whew!!!  We were so concerned that he would run the railroad tracks right there, just in time before the bad weather!