Ringu always comes out on the front porch with me but one day he jumped away. I posted him up on the computer and Dogs Finding Dogs called and offered help on the phone. They told me of some things I could try and then if I needed help they would come out. After no luck we had Heidi come out to search for Ringu. She immediately smelled him in the yard and Anne said it was a strong scent and that Ringu had probably just been in the yard. It led to the back corner of the yard and then up to some homes. We could not get into all the yards to check under the sheds but we knew which one he was in. We put food out for him and he came right back home crying for more. Ringu is never allowed to go outside without a harness now. We have told every person we know of your service! Thank you to K9 Heidi!

– Brinn in Lanham, MD