Rogue’s story is an example of why cat owners should act RIGHT AWAY when their beloved baby is lost. Thanks again, so so much. Your dog is a genius, and your service is a lifesaver. Rogue is an indoor/outdoor cat, so when she didn’t come home, we knew something was very wrong. Our friends said “don’t worry, cats always find their way home” but we called Dogs Finding Dogs after just two nights of searching, posting fliers, and leaving food outside. It’s good thing we did. Heidi the wonder-dog came that same evening. She got a good whiff of Rogue’s scent, and followed it to my neighbor’s tool shed, which was shut. Our neighbor kindly opened it for us to look around. It was too full to go into it or even to search well, but I called for her. No response. Still, Heidi seemed sure Rogue was there. So we asked our neighbor to leave the shed door open for the evening. Just then it started to storm, but as soon as the rain stopped, Rogue came home! She was in terrible shape. She had suffered a horribly broken and infected jaw, which is why she didn’t answered my calls or come out when the dog was there. But Heidi was right, and it’s a good thing we believed her. If we had waited another day to open that shed, Rogue could have easily died of her severe infections. Hopefully your kitty isn’t injured or sick, but if you can’t find her, Heidi probably can!