Dogs Finding Dogs wants to say big congrats to Janice and her family for getting Romeo home just in the nick of time! Romeo had been missing for over a week. Dogs Finding Dogs came out to search for him but there was no scent of him anywhere. This was so so strange. Searching the entire neighborhood, the woods, all the backyards and still not even a little smell of him at all! Romeo vanished! Then in an absolute miracle, Janice looked towards a neighbor’s fancy shed that had a window in it and there was Romeo scratching at the window from inside as to say “Here I Am!!!! Help me!!!” The neighbors had gone on vacation for a month and somehow Romeo wandered into the shed and then they locked it shut. Well, needless to say, the neighbors now have a brand new lock!  When Janice went up to the window Romeo was meowing but you couldn’t even hear him. The shed was completely air tight and sound proof! Romeo! Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo!! In the Shed!

– For Janice and her family in Severna Park, MD