Our gratitude and admiration know no bounds for the proactive approach that you took with your talented dog Heidi to find our sweet 13 year old indoor cat, Rose Lily (who had never spent a day – much less two nights, out of the house until she escaped through the “doggie door” earlier this week). Having seen my “Lost Cat” posting on Montgomery County’s SPCA website, you contacted me with additional and very helpful pointers for finding Rose Lily, but it wasn’t until the following morning when you and Heidi took to the trail and Heidi could actually track Rose Lily’s scent six acres away under our neighbors backyard shed that hope began to spring eternal. And sure enough, Rose Lily followed Heidi home that very morning to our front porch, hungry and glad to be back inside! Anyone who has lost a cat or a dog MUST contact Dogs Finding Dogs immediately. Their service, advice, and results are second to none – snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat!