It is with the saddest of hearts that we have had to say good-bye to Rosie, a wonderful labrador. Rosie was taken from her family by cancer. Rosie is VERY fond to us for she is the first official dog found by Dogs Finding Dogs. Rosie had arthritis in her hips so bad but she had taken an adventure one day that lead straight up the middle of a stream and then up the side of a steep hill near her house. Rosie didn’t seem to be bothered by her arthritis that day. Heidi was very happy to rub noses with her! Dogs Finding Dogs had just officially opened and Rosie was the first dog tracked. We had been helping pets by tracking thru our training facility for a year before that. We are so sad to hear of this bad news. We want to send all of our sympathies to her family. Where are hearts are heavy with her loss Rosie can now run all the streams and fields with peace and joy.