I hope that everyone sees this story of how you helped bring my Rosie back to me!  The worst feeling I ever had was to return home from a rare night out with friends to see that my house had been broken into and my baby Rosie was gone!  For those of you reading this story, Rosie was a two month old Pug puppy and is my dearest little angel. I had never left her alone except for this one night. Every evening, I’d return from work, and there she was, comfy in her crate with all her toys and blankies, happy as can be. To return home and find Rosie missing broke my heart! I felt so guilty and so afraid for her. I saw Dogs Finding Dogs on TV and called for help. Their fast response was calming to some degree. It was hard to believe that my little Rosie had wandered off into the woods behind my house. It was so hot outside and I honestly thought she would die. But what a great feeling it was to see the search dog work and pick up her path right away! Thankfully, we found Rosie and she is just fine as can be!