Congratulations to Molly and Rover for a cute safe reunion.

Special thanks to K9 Riley for his help on this case.

Rover was visiting from Colorado. He is a 6 month old Puggle.  When Dogs Finding Dogs went out to track for Rover he was found hiding under a neighbors shed! The playful smart little Puggle was not ready to come back inside. He scooted out one of the openings under the deck and decided to play a game of “Catch me if you Can.”   Not wanting to chase him away, we set up feeding stations and a scent trail of strips that smelled like Molly were laid on the ground.

Well it all worked like a charm! Read what happened below, it’s a sweet story…

Hey it’s Molly,

We found rover!! Our neighbor who’s house we were at last night was able to lure him in with food. She said he was walking around that same spot WITH A CLOTH STRIP IN HIS MOUTH that we had laid out!  Thank you so much for the tips and the help! Rover definitely was following our trail and scent.