This was the best donation ever! We are leaving to move to Zimbabwe at the end of May and our gorgeous Russian Blue Kitty decided to take off. We think it was because the house is being packed up and everything is strange right now. But on Mother’s Day, Dogs Finding Dogs took the time to come over and help us. It took longer to catch our kitty then it did to locate him. What a remarkable and cool service! The search dog went thru our back alley and right up to a deck behind a neighbors house about 4 homes away. There he was! Our kitty moved from the deck to under a car that was right there. With my husband on one side of the car and the search team on the other, with my cat howling in complaint, gave my husband a chance to grab him and bring him inside. What a Mother’s Day gift and we can now move with our family all together. Thank you DFD!

– Courtney in Baltimore City, MD