Rusty a cute little copper poodle ran out of the back yard in a townhouse community. Not knowing which way he went, Heidi and Anne came out to look for him. Heidi was scented up in the back yard and away she tracked with the family. The track lasted no more than 10 minutes. We found ourselves in another section of townhouses and Heidi was scratching at a gated back yard desperately wanting in and frantic! Just as this was happening we looked up at the window of this house and we saw the owner of the house inside holding Rusty in her arms and petting him. When we went to the house and knocked on the door the woman promptly said I have no little dog, only two big dogs but refused to show them to us. She saw us with a search dog in vest in her back yard and saw us staring right at her with Rusty. What a HORRIBLE person!!! The family’s three children were standing right there and saw her with their pet. The police now have to convince her to give the dog back. This can sometimes be difficult because visual proof has to be made for the cops to be able to charge a person with stolen property. Hopefully if the pressure is kept on she will tell the truth! Four eyewitnesses and you’d think if nothing else for the sake of the kids she would give Rusty back. We continue to hope that the police will prevail!