Rusty is HOME!!!! There are no appropriate words to describe the gratitude from June and I to Lynn and Mabel of Dogs Finding Dogs. We are deeply grateful to everyone who expressed their concern, and passed along their input and expertise. It was Dogs Finding Dogs that led to Rusty’s return after six terrifying and depressing days and night. When they were here, Mabel pinpointed Rusty’s general location. Lynn offered advice on exactly what we needed to do. Some of it frankly seemed bizarre, but we did it. And it worked. The last step was that we put a Hav-a-Hart trap on our deck baited with food and a couple articles of clothing. At 12:30 AM Thursday, January 6, we heard the trap door close and there he was. The feelings of joy and relief are indescribable. We highly, jubilantly and enthusiastically recommend and thank Dogs Finding Dogs.

– Louis in MD