Congrats to Zita and all the volunteers of her rescue for the safe return on Sadie.

Sadie is new rescue who escaped from her foster immediately as she arrived. Dogs Finding Dogs went out to track the very next day. Horrible thunderstorms and rain were rolling in.  We had to act fast before the rain had a chance to wash Sadie’s scent away.  The tracking dog indicated that Sadie was still close and coming back to the area. Her scent was all around her new home.

The storms presented a problem as they cut short our normal tracking time. But we knew Sadie was nearby.

An entire group of volunteers followed the action plan to recover Sadie.  They laid down scent trails, put up feeding stations all the way down the stream across Northern Parkway.  Sadie stayed close and was found just six houses up, in a little ball under the neighbor’s deck. Flyers were the key! Thank goodness!  Because after all that rain we would have had to wait until someone called in a new sighting to try to track her again.

We are so glad that Sadie is safe and sound.