My father, who loves his wife’s kitty Sadie, decided to take her outside to the backyard. Sadie didn’t want to come back inside when dad wanted her to. After all, it’s spring and fun outside. Sadie was first rescued as a kitten along the waterfront so she was familiar without being outside.  Clever Sadie decided to outsmart dad by going under the car. Dad figured he could outsmart her and squirt her with the hose. Dad lost! Sadie disappeared and was nowhere to be found. Dogs Finding Dogs then came out and within a half-hour found exactly where Sadie was. She was hiding in the marshy wood line out the back of our property. They set a trap for her and within several hours Sadie was captured. I am now writing on all my flyers that Sadie was saved by Dogs Finding Dogs!  I am very happy to have her back home. Sadie represents many special & precious memories of my mom.

– Dan in Essex, MD