Sam is a extremely handsome brown tabby with the biggest green eyes imaginable! We know this for sure because while under his favorite shed and just out of reach all you saw were those big emerald eyes staring at you! He is also one of the sweetest friendliest kitty’s around. Sam was gone for eight weeks. Dogs Finding Dogs tracked for him at least five times and also helped in the effort to lay out traps for him as well. Sam had a favorite shed that he liked to hide under! and it was perfect for him in that no one could get near him without him being able to escape from any direction. Sam was tracked there by Heidi twice. Sam is so loved by his family and they are so happy to have him back home. Sam was found only about seven houses away. He had a very long summer vacation!

Sam had a very nice welcome home party with his family, neighborhood friends that helped to feed him and keep him in place in their yard and Dogs Finding Dogs went too! It was so nice to have Sam come up and greet us and let us pick him up and love all over him!