Congratulations to Anne and her husband and Persia for a safe — and cute! — return home.

Persia a indoor/outdoor cat went missing late December and K9 Riley and Felicia went out to search a few days after.

Persia is an escape artist and scoots out the door every chance she gets.

K9 Riley tracked Persia to a empty house next door which is thru a patch of bamboo. Not wanting to crash thru the bamboo and chase Persia, we had scent trails leading from the empty house, along the bamboo and up to Persia’s house.

Anne’s neighbor heard Persia meowing in Anne’s driveway and scooped her up and put her in the house for Anne. When Anne got home there was Persia sitting in the house purring up a storm and being all lovey-dovey.

Persia still, after this adventure, tried to dart the door again!!