Sasha is a tiny little black kitty. She got out of the house and disappeared. Not being a outdoor cat, we knew that she was lost! Little did we dream that she would be so close. We had Dogs Finding Dogs come out three days after she went missing. Heidi scented up at the front door where Sasha got out from and tracked directly to the neighbors old, backyard shed. It was off of the ground about six inches and Sasha had pushed herself all the way in the back where we could not reach her. So with directions from DFD we put a trap out with smelly food and Sasha tried to get into it but failed. Then we were told to lay a path of wet food to the back door. We left the door open and at 3AM Sasha just came wandering back into the house. We are so grateful to have her back so quickly. Using a tracking dog shortens the process like you would not believe. Many thanks DFD!

– Shannon in Silver Spring, MD