Scooter was being watched by relatives while we went away. He ran out the front door and took off down the street and disappeared! The neighborhood is filled with woods and fields where he was sighted twice around houses. We called Dogs Finding Dogs and they came out to find Scooter. And find him they did, over and over again! We named Scooter correctly! Scooter had been running the woods and popping out into yards. I even got 10 feet away from him in the woods, purely by dumb luck, and he took one look at me and scooted off in the other direction. Dogs Finding Dogs instructed us how to get him to stay in one yard and come to eat. We then laid a trap. We used night vision cameras to watch Scooter and record his movements. Finally when all patience was about to be expired, and Dogs Finding Dogs was arriving with a net gun to net Scooter, he went into the trap and got caught! From this point on, Scooter scoots no more unless he is on a leash!